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Ishar Sawhney

Ishar Sawhney brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the finance industry, having held prominent roles at Goldman Sachs, Marathon Asset Management, and Citadel. His career is marked by his expertise in managing high-yield and distressed corporate credit, demonstrating a deep understanding of both public and private credit markets. A few highlights of his background include:

Goldman Sachs: At Goldman Sachs, Ishar was key member of the team that managed a $1 billion special situations portfolio, focusing on catalyst-driven credit and equity ideas, levered securities, and spin-offs. His responsibilities included monitoring existing positions, building financial models, and identifying new investment opportunities. One of his notable achievements was proposing an investment in Lamar Advertising, where he meticulously modeled the company’s potential REIT conversion, providing valuable insights that influenced investment decisions.

Marathon Asset Management: High Yield & Leveraged Loan Analyst Following his tenure at Goldman Sachs, Ishar joined Marathon Asset Management as a High Yield & Leveraged Loan Analyst. At Marathon, he was part of a 12-person team managing $11 billion in corporate credit and distressed investments. Ishar was responsible for identifying new investment opportunities across the hedge fund and CLO book, performing in-depth risk-adjusted return analysis. His significant contributions included the monetization of a term loan position in Capmark Financial and initiating a term loan investment in St. George University, where he showcased his ability to manage complex credit structures and deliver substantial returns.

Citadel: At Citadel, Ishar was a key member of a 13-person team managing $7 billion in high yield and distressed corporate credit. Ishar was responsible for overseeing a $600 million portfolio, covering sectors such as industrials, energy, metals, mining, real estate, and financials.

Ishar holds a BA in Finance from Boston University.